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What kind of fetishes are you into?

Okay guys, I need your help here. I find myself shooting on the moon what scenes I will add to RC. So this poll will help me decide what I’m likely to add to the game. The following is what I want to do and comfortable with.


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  1. Anonymous April 20, 2020

    Also Inflation/Expansion/Cumflation of breasts, balls, cocks, butts & stomachs.
    Bukkake/large quantities of cum. I think how I found you was a flash animation of 2 succubi kissing a penis & it erupts all over. Good Stuff.

  2. Jack April 20, 2020

    One fetish I’m really into for some reason is underwear/swimsuit/lingerie fucking, and by that I mean like they have sex and everything but they don’t love the underwear or anything they just shove through it. Also size difference is really hot and girls getting wrecked by huge dicks I find appealing as well idk why

  3. Anonymous April 21, 2020

    footjob I want footjob!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous April 21, 2020

    You forgot to put what you want to do and what you’re comfortable with!

    • Pink Cookie Games April 21, 2020 — Post Author

      All of these are fetishes Pinoy is comfortable doing. We are just evaluating what people want the most

  5. Anonymous April 21, 2020

    Male banging futa is cool

  6. Ken April 30, 2020

    A Milf would be nice.

  7. Anonymous May 1, 2020

    It would be nice if some girls ask you to use a condom or at least come outside (on titties, in ass etc), and that they would be mildly irritated if and when you decide to come in their pussy anyway.

    If you added a chance of impregnation, and drew pregnant girls with a huge belly when you return to visit them later, that would be beyond awesome.

  8. zzzz December 25, 2020


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