Thanks, Patrons! RC Latest News

Thanks, Patrons! RC Latest News

This month was awesome, we had a pledge increase of over 100%. And with that many new patrons we want to give you something extra. We know many new patrons (especially silver ones) had to wait for the whole month to finish to receive their game password (we would give the passwords prior to that, but patreon rules), so, we are adding 2 new posters that you will be able to visualize on the beginning of the month in-game (I’m planning to make one of them as a secret fetch quest). Those two posters will be silver only and will be hardcore ones =).

> Other news! I’m working a lot this month to provide bug fixes and many new features to the game. At this moment I have the arrow guides, more control scheme variety (arrow keys – for left-handed players) and the new controls for RPG battle system. Me and pinoy talked and we decided to change the control scheme to make the fights more dynamic, during the battle you will aim your character with mouse and move with arrow keys or WASD, so you will be able to dodge projectiles and attack with more freedom.

> More updates! At this moment we have the whole script for EP3 ready! And it’s looking good. Along with that, we have some new mobs for the space shooter, they look look amazingly grotesque! Look at them below!

> We are already working on the EP2 extra quest (with extra sex scenes), it will be released very soon! =)~

I hope you all enjoy. And thanks again for your patronage!

~Pink Cookie Games

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