Rogue Courier Android First Release!

Rogue Courier Android First Release!

Good news for all! Actually, great news!
Starting from today, we feel confident enough to release a beta version for the Android version of Rogue Courier.
While this isn’t perfect, it’s stable enough so it can be played without any game-breaking bugs.
There are still some usability and possible bugs on some phone models, so we encourage everyone to report to us everything you find or any suggestions for gameplay.
This wouldn’t been possible without all of you patrons that support us.
I hope you enjoy.

Over and out,
~Pink Cookie Games

*WARNING: Before you decide to pledge for a higher tier (Iron and above), first download the public game apk and check if it works correctly on your phone.*


-Gallery Scroll isn’t on touch and drag at this moment.
-Inventory, Ship Weapons and Shops scrolling still not on touch and drag.
-Sometimes multiple touches are required when pressing some buttons.
-Some tutorials have not been updated to instruct the player about touch controls.
-It’s not possible to activate two or more ship weapons at the same time at the space shooter sections.
-Some UI, including shortcut keys may have not been updated to touch controls.

-Some phone models may not start the app correctly or may get stuck in a black screen.
-Some phone models may experience lag or an occasional crash during the most projectile-heavy parts of the game.
-Some backgrounds may disappear or get glitched.
-Players may get stuck in the elevator within Euphoria.
-Some phone models may experience lag or crashes during sex scenes.

*Please, if you encounter any issues, report to us at our discord server in the issue-reports channel, describing your phone model and current Android version installed.*

Version 4.10.02

-Android First Release

-Fixed usability problems with Android on Emoru’s fight

-Changed Emoru’s behaviour for longer pause between attacks.
-Added a visual effect on Emoru’s attacks.

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