Rogue Courier 4.25.00 (All Patrons + Public)

Rogue Courier 4.25.00 (All Patrons + Public)

We’re adding Nurbaia as a Toro-Toro Guest Chika for Silver Patrons plus we’re adding some bug fixing for all patrons and also the public build with all the updates from previous week.
It took a bit longer to post the public build this time since I wanted to include this bug fixing that would cause the game to softlock.
Thanks all.

~Pink Cookie Games


-New Toro-Toro Guest Chika, Nurbaia

-Fixed a bug were the background wasn’t visible at Mr. Ritz’s Office.
-Fixed a bug in where the wrong event was triggered after leading Halina to the Bartolina for the first time, therefore, softlocking progress (Might require game restart if you’re stuck after that).