Rogue Courier 4.18.00 New Bio-Packs + Huge Bugfixing

Rogue Courier 4.18.00 New Bio-Packs + Huge Bugfixing

This month was a blast!
While I worked on Act 4, I also managed to pinpoint some of the most requested bugs and fix them all.
Plus, there’s two new Bio-Packs you can enjoy, Julie Valyria and Karina Starkfeldt.
This update will be released for public as well since there were two game-breaking bugs me and Dakzky found.
I hope you all enjoy!

IMPORTANT: I had to reprogram the save system for this update. This means, unfortunately, that save files prior to 4.18.00 are incompatible with this version. I hope you understand.

~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.18.00

-Added Julie Valyria Bio-Pack.
-Added Karina Starkfeldt Bio-Pack.

-Fixed a bug that made part of the UI disappear while switching characters in-battle.
-Fixed a bug that prevented Halina from using skills during battle.
-Fixed a bug that during battle encounters, skills wouldn’t have cooldowns.
-Fixed a bug that made shadows disappear or overlap each other while switching characters.
-Fixed a bug that copies of Kouia would appear after opening any game menu during action battle and after it switched characters.
-Fixed a bug that triggered the attack command when clicking the close button on any game menu during action battle.
-Projectiles at the action battle are now layering correctly.
-Projectiles at the action battle are now hitting the walls correctly.
-Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a game softlock during Emoru’s fight
-Fixed a bug that caused the Akasashic Dance Skill to not inflict the correct damage whenever Kouia was Morphed during Emoru’s fight.
-Fixed a bug that locked gallery scenes incorrectly
-Fixed an incorrectly placed background at Ritz’s Room in Rukkian Station.
-Fixed a bug in which party members/positions were not saved/load correctly.
-Fixed a bug in which Kouia’s level up text would appear at the wrong party member whenever Kouia was not the party leader.
-Fixed a bug in which the current character would trigger the normal attack whenever you were clicking/touching on one of the Quick Slot item button.
-Fixed a delay when switching targets of a dying enemy to another one (Action Battle).
-Fixed a bug that removed an incorrect item from your inventory whenever you printed a bio-pack.
-(ANDROID) Fixed a bug that caused controls to not respond when in Red Beard Boss Battle.
-Fixed a bug that made some graphical effects stay frozen after clearing enemy areas.
-Fixed a bug that caused the UI to stay in place after clearing all enemies in an area.
-Fixed a bug that in some cases Kouia’s sprite RGB colors wouldn’t reset after clearing some enemy areas.
-Fixed Pirate Melee enemy AI in red beard Ship.
-Fixed Red Beard Boss enemy AI.

-Increased speed in which camera scrolls during enemy spawning at action encounters.
-Changed the Yellow Drone enemy Projectile and explosion animations.
-Greatly improved Auto-Aim.
-Ground enemies no longer fade-out when they faint.
-Changed Bartolina’s Training Crytal projectile and explosion animations.
-Improved enemy AI.