Rogue Courier 4.14.01 (Public Release)

Rogue Courier 4.14.01 (Public Release)

Public release is here!

~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.14.01

-Two new Bio-packs (Olivia Varmskede and Morgana Eigenstan) added to the game.
-Item shortcut added at the Action Battle System.

-Fixed a bug in where menu controls were not accessible at Kolon Daral’s Control Room.
-Fixed a bug that caused the Space Shooter tutorial to not show the first time you engaged in space shooter mode.
-Fixed a bug that caused instability whenever opening any menu during the action battle in encounters.
-Fixed a bug that caused Scenes in Gallery to be locked or unlocked incorrectly.
-Fixed a bug that caused the guide arrow to not point to the capsule where Halina was hidden the first time you search for her.
-Fixed an issue that caused the mana to not refill during Kouia’s first transformation to Sahkara at Emoru fight.

-During Action Battle mode, usable items need to be equipped through the inventory and used by clicking/touching on the appropriate icon or using the hotkey during the battle. They can’t be used through the inventory anymore.

-Space Shooter Tutorial text still only refers to keyboard keys, not touch controls.