Rogue Courier 4.14.01 (Patron Release)

Rogue Courier 4.14.01 (Patron Release)

This has been a handful update. Let’s break this through.
First, two of your favorite Toro-Toro Guest Chikas have been added as Bio-packs. Namely, Olivia Varmskede and Morgana Eigenstan.
Second, now you can set up shortcuts for items to use them in combat mode. You can do that by entering the inventory and setting up the slot you want (only works with health and Mana items).
And third but not least, many bug fixing that have been long overdue. I finally got the time to address some of the most requested issues to be fixed.
Now for other news, me and Dakzky will be focusing on completing Act 4 starting this month.

Thanks for all the continuous support,
~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.14.01

-Two new Bio-packs (Olivia Varmskede and Morgana Eigenstan) added to the game.
-Item shortcut added at the Action Battle System.

-Fixed a bug in where menu controls were not accessible at Kolon Daral’s Control Room.
-Fixed a bug that caused the Space Shooter tutorial to not show the first time you engaged in space shooter mode.
-Fixed a bug that caused instability whenever opening any menu during the action battle in encounters.
-Fixed a bug that caused Scenes in Gallery to be locked or unlocked incorrectly.
-Fixed a bug that caused the guide arrow to not point to the capsule where Halina was hidden the first time you search for her.
-Fixed an issue that caused the mana to not refill during Kouia’s first transformation to Sahkara at Emoru fight.

-During Action Battle mode, usable items need to be equipped through the inventory and used by clicking/touching on the appropriate icon or using the hotkey during the battle. They can’t be used through the inventory anymore.

-Space Shooter Tutorial text still only refers to keyboard keys, not touch controls.