Rogue Courier 4.12.00 (Patron Release)

Rogue Courier 4.12.00 (Patron Release)

New guest Chika is coming! This one is a treat, I might add. I hope you all enjoy it while we work on new content for Rogue Courier next month.

Thanks for all the continuous support,
~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.12.00

-New Toro-Toro guest Chika, Jodi Leichtner with 3 scenes plus intro for Silver Patrons and above.

-A bug made possible to save the file incorrectly after clearing the first room on Red Beard Ship, doing that would crash the game.
-After finishing one of Rama’s sex scenes, Kouia was teleported incorrectly to Kolon daral Station instead of Noralih.
-Some quests descriptions weren’t showing.
-The guiding arrow was pointing to an incorrect position in Mr. Ritz Office.