Rogue Courier 4.08.02 (Hotfix)

Rogue Courier 4.08.02 (Hotfix)

NOTE: Version has been updated to 4.08.02 due to an unexpected bug found that stopped progress in 4.08.01.

We have fixed some problems people have constantly reporting about the game, even a full game freeze some people were having.

On other news, Android development is going strong and steady, me and Dakzky have been trying it and soon we might have an alpha version for you guys.

~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.08.02

-Fixed a problem preventing the item ship fluid from working at all.
-There was a graphical glitch on the actions window during the mining tutorial. Solved that issue.
-In Kouia’s ship, Halina’s capsule top part was visible even before the actual quest. Fixed that bug.
-Save files date format were showing incorrectly. Fixed that.
-Fixed the problem that happened after the first VR battle on Bartolina, sometimes the game froze in place during the text box that appeared afterwards. I fixed that problem by removing the dialogue altogether.
-Fixed an issue that prevented the player from opening any menu item within Kouia’s Bedroom.

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