Rogue Courier 4.08.00 (Patron Release)

Rogue Courier 4.08.00 (Patron Release)

There it is. Rogue Courier 4.08.00.
In this version, we have included a new guest chika, Morgana, chosen from silver patrons and above and voted from all patronage. This one is hot, I have to say.
Also, I did a ton of balancing and some minor bugfixing in this version., also, unlocked Eupolina scene 4 for everyone.

On other news, Android version is going smooth, you can expect some news real soon my friends.

NOTE: Next week’s public version will come out a little earlier due to some personal things I have to go through, to not delay for an extra week, I decided to release it 2 or 3 days early.

Hope you all enjoy,
~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.08.00

-New Toro-Toro guest Chika, Morgana Eigenstan with 4 scenes plus intro for Silver Patrons and above.

-Fixed a bug where opening the inventory on Kouia’s bedroom would cause game to freeze.

-Removed Olivia Vamskede from Toro-Toro.
-Aligned some elements and various aesthetical changes on numerous frames.
-Unlocked Eupolina Scene 4 for public.
-Changed Small Orb Ship fluid from 50 to heal 200 points worth of ship damage.
-Changed Medium Orb Ship fluid from 250 to heal 500 points worth of ship damage.
-Changed price of Small Orb Ship fluid from 75 to 70.
-Changed price of Medium Orb Ship fluid from 450 to 175.
-Drastically increased price on all Ship weapons to balance early gameplay.

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