Rogue Courier 4.07.01 (Public Release) and an announcement.

Rogue Courier 4.07.01 (Public Release) and an announcement.

4.07.01 is now available for download to everyone.
As for the announcement, me and Dakzky decided to start the development of the Android version of the game. We discussed and decided it’s the best to start now than to delay any longer due to technical reasons and the timing. We know so many people asks us for a mobile version, so I guess it’s finally time. The ETA can be anything around 1-3 months, even less if everything goes smoothly. But we want to make sure the build is 100% before everybody can play the game on their phones.

But before that…

We will make Android APK versions of all the High FPS scenes available on the Gold Tier area, so if you wanna see those scenes in glorious high FPS on your phone, the time is now (or rather, very soon).

Thanks everybody who supports our work! Let’s make 2021 a very good year.
~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.07.01

-New Skill System, with 3 unique Skills for each character (Kouia and Halina)

-Fixed a bug that Kouia would not disengage from battle after Emoru fight.
-[MAC] Fixed a bug in which the game cursor would not display correctly.

-Massive Engine update.
-Many performance improvements.
-Changed Bartolina main fight, reducing enemy’s HP and attack, but increasing the number of enemies.
-Totally changed Emoru’s behaviour, making it more obvious when he’s about to attack.
-Increased Emoru’s life and damage.
-Changed Emoru’s Sahkara attack from Melee to ranged.
-Changed Sahkara’s stats on Emoru fight, so the fight against the two Sahkaras is actually challenging.
-Added a new prompt window regarding the Skill System after Emoru’s fight.
-Increased the life of Pirate Melee Noob on the Red Beard Ship.
-Minor design changes to the Red Beard Ship Main Hall.
-Changed links on the Credits, correctly redirecting to the respective twitter accounts.
-Changed text references from old Artist’s name to Dakzky.
-[WINDOWS] Major changes to reduce the risk of false positives.

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