Rogue Courier 4.07.01 (Patron Release)

Rogue Courier 4.07.01 (Patron Release)

First things first. I hope everyone had happy and yummy holidays.
Second, while this version has no content update (both in story or hentai). It has important changes in the game core engine, mechanics, bugfixing and the new Skill System.
To try the new Skill System, simply go to Bartolina, Emoru’s fight or Madam Rama Side Quest.
Soon, some random encounters in the map screen will be of action battles, so Skill System will be even more important. While some balancing will be needed in the future, we like it’s state by now, and we will keep tweaking as time passes to be even more fun and dynamic.

Lastly, as mentioned before, I had a big update in the game engine. Of which I had to redo a lot of stuff that stopped working. We hope with this update things run faster and more efficiently than before. Also, this update will reduce false positives people were getting with their antivirus software.

While this had so many structural changes in the game core, I kindly ask you guys to have patience and report any bugs you find to our Discord server.

We are working full steam on Episode 4 right now. Soon, more exciting news on that regard.

As always, thanks for supporting us!
~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.07.01

-New Skill System, with 3 unique Skills for each character (Kouia and Halina)

-Fixed a bug that Kouia would not disengage from battle after Emoru fight.
-[MAC] Fixed a bug in which the game cursor would not display correctly.

-Massive Engine update.
-Many performance improvements.
-Changed Bartolina main fight, reducing enemy’s HP and attack, but increasing the number of enemies.
-Totally changed Emoru’s behaviour, making it more obvious when he’s about to attack.
-Increased Emoru’s life and damage.
-Changed Emoru’s Sahkara attack from Melee to ranged.
-Changed Sahkara’s stats on Emoru fight, so the fight against the two Sahkaras is actually challenging.
-Added a new prompt window regarding the Skill System after Emoru’s fight.
-Increased the life of Pirate Melee Noob on the Red Beard Ship.
-Minor design changes to the Red Beard Ship Main Hall.
-Changed links on the Credits, correctly redirecting to the respective twitter accounts.
-Changed text references from old Artist’s name to Dakzky.
-[WINDOWS] Major changes to reduce the risk of false positives.

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