Rogue Courier 4.07.00 (Patron Release)

Rogue Courier 4.07.00 (Patron Release)

Hello guys!
First of all, I know you’ve heard the news regarding the name change from our Artist to CreamyLoveJuice. Just so you know, nothing is gonna change in our project, this is merely a matter of new branding.

Second, I know you’ve been wondering where’s the new updates, and we are almost done with the Skill System, so as CLJ is also done with a lot of materials for EP 4. I have to say things are looking good, and I can’t wait to show you guys all of it.

While you wait, we added a new guest Chika as voted by Silver Patrons, Olivia Varmskede, and we unlocked Cynth Scene 6 for all Tiers.
More updates very, very soon.

Thanks for supporting us!
~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.07.00

-New Guest Chick Olivia Varmskede with 3 scenes plus intro. (Silver Patron Only).

-General minor bug fixing for various parts of the game and performance improvements.

-Unlocked Cynth Scene 6 for public.
-Changed Halina Skins for new animations regarding future updates.
-Added new Kouia animations regarding future updates.

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