Rogue Courier 4.06.00 (Patron Release)

Rogue Courier 4.06.00 (Patron Release)

Thanks for waiting! 4.06.00 is here.
With this version we have a new Guest Chika – Shant…! I mean, San San. As usual, this is exclusive to Silver Patrons, and it will be avaiable for Gold Tier in High FPS soon. Along with that, Halina Scene 3 has been unlocked for all tiers and we added a small easter egg in our game.
The new skill system development is going great, I can’t wait to show it to all of you guys.

Thanks for supporting us!
~Pink Cookie Games

TIP: There’s some girls wandering around Noralih Bazaar. Maybe try talking to one of them.

We have included an NPC and a pic of Ashyara in Rogue Courier. Ashyara is an OC made by RGE, he is making an amazing comic called Blade Devil and you should check it out. Also don’t forget to tell him Ashyara is featured in Rogue Courier now! And that Pinoytoons sent you there. 😁

RGE Comic – Blade Devil

Version 4.06.00

-New Guest Chick San San with 3 scenes plus intro. (Silver Patron Only)
-1 New pic (Ashyara) *Easter Egg*

-Unlocked Halina Scene 3 for public.

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