Rogue Courier 4.05.00 (Public Release)

Rogue Courier 4.05.00 (Public Release)

Public version is here! Enjoy!

Version 4.05.00

-1 New sex scene for Shizi.
-3 New NPCs wadnering around Moralih Bazaar.

-Fixed a softlock autosave before you went inside Red Beard’s Ship in Rama’s first Side Quest.
-Fixed a softlock autosave on Emoru’s fight.
-Fixed a softlock autosave before Shyon’s quest.
-Game was incorrectly autosaving inside Red Beard ship. Corrected that.
-Game was incorrectly autosaving on Bartolina’s VR. Corrected that.
-Loading Save files wasn’t loading Euphoria’s Health from the save file properly causing the game to softlock on certain situations. Corrected that.
-Using the ability to scan a glitch, closing the glitch scan window and then trying to reopen it would cause the game to softlock. Corrected that.
-Red Beard Boss intro wasn’t being triggered. That would cause the boss life to not be updated correctly. Corrected that.
-Fixed an issue whenever you pressed CONTROL to switch party members on Bartolina when there were no party members.
-Sometimes talking to a Bar Crew on some stations (Noralih/Kolon Daral/Rukkian) would cause the game to teleport back to first Lindia’s sex scene. Fixed that.
-Fixed the quest window problem with duplicated entries.
-Fixed the scrolling buttons on the quest window, so you can hold down the button to keep scrolling items.
-Fixed an issue with Rama’s side quest where when ending the quest while on Rama scene 5 would teleport Kouia to the wrong location, thus, jeopardizing the quest progress.
-Blocked autosave when in beginning of a map there’s a cutscene to avoid softlocks and problems with autosaving.

-Unlocked Shyon Scene 3 for public.
-Removed Sativa Lockhard from Toro-toro and Gallery.
-Changed Kouia’s and Emoru’s Sahkaras sprites graphics.

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