Rogue Courier 4.05.00 (Patron Release)

Rogue Courier 4.05.00 (Patron Release)

Version 4.05.00 it here! This version features a new scene from Shizi and an unlocked Shyon scene for everyone below silver tier. We have been hard working on the background to fix bugs and also develop the new skill system. I can say it’s going pretty well. Still needing some balance. Also, we are testing the new battle system with android devices, soon many news on that front. Satifa Lockhard has left Toro-toro, making space for the new guest chick that will come next month for silver tiers.

Well, I guess that’s all. Don’t forget to follow PinoyToons and Pink Cookie Games (newly created) twitter pages. We are gonna post updates regarding Rogue Courier regularly there.

~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.05.00

-1 New sex scene for Shizi.
-3 New NPCs wadnering around Moralih Bazaar.

-Fixed a softlock autosave before you went inside Red Beard’s Ship in Rama’s first Side Quest.
-Fixed a softlock autosave on Emoru’s fight.
-Fixed a softlock autosave before Shyon’s quest.
-Game was incorrectly autosaving inside Red Beard ship. Corrected that.
-Game was incorrectly autosaving on Bartolina’s VR. Corrected that.
-Loading Save files wasn’t loading Euphoria’s Health from the save file properly causing the game to softlock on certain situations. Corrected that.
-Using the ability to scan a glitch, closing the glitch scan window and then trying to reopen it would cause the game to softlock. Corrected that.
-Red Beard Boss intro wasn’t being triggered. That would cause the boss life to not be updated correctly. Corrected that.
-Fixed an issue whenever you pressed CONTROL to switch party members on Bartolina when there were no party members.
-Sometimes talking to a Bar Crew on some stations (Noralih/Kolon Daral/Rukkian) would cause the game to teleport back to first Lindia’s sex scene. Fixed that.
-Fixed the quest window problem with duplicated entries.
-Fixed the scrolling buttons on the quest window, so you can hold down the button to keep scrolling items.
-Fixed an issue with Rama’s side quest where when ending the quest while on Rama scene 5 would teleport Kouia to the wrong location, thus, jeopardizing the quest progress.
-Blocked autosave when in beginning of a map there’s a cutscene to avoid softlocks and problems with autosaving.

-Unlocked Shyon Scene 3 for public.
-Removed Sativa Lockhard from Toro-toro and Gallery.
-Changed Kouia’s and Emoru’s Sahkaras sprites graphics.

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