Rogue Courier 4.02.00 (Public Release)

Rogue Courier 4.02.00 (Public Release)

Public 4.02.00 is here! Sorry for the delay this week. I hope you all enjoy.

~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.02.00
-Skin changing system. (Silver Patron only).
-3 Halina skins added (Bunny Tuxedo, Scarlet Temptress and Birthday Suit).
-2 New sex scenes added (Marza and Shizi).
-Unlocked Cynth’s Scene 3 for public.
-Added a red highlight quest notice after the tutorial explaining the button to return to Euphoria.
-Changed multiple events to be compatible with the new skin changing system.
-[MAC] Links that redirect to patreon and discord are now functional.
-[MAC] MAC builds will now be inside a .dmg file instead of a zip.

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