Rogue Courier 4.02.00 (Patron Release)

Rogue Courier 4.02.00 (Patron Release)

This build has the new skin system we promised for the new Silver tier rewards. With it, you can change Halina skins (and other characters in the future).
Also, as promised too, we are unlocking a silver tier scene for all patron tiers and public. Right now it’s Cynth number 3. Pretty hot one, so check it out.
All of that together with Marza and Shizi new blowjob scenes.
I hope you all enjoy.

TIP: To access skin changing, select the new option “EXTRAS” in the main game menu.

~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.02.00
-Skin changing system. (Silver Patron only).
-3 Halina skins added (Bunny Tuxedo, Scarlet Temptress and Birthday Suit).
-2 New sex scenes added (Marza and Shizi).
-Unlocked Cynth’s Scene 3 for public.
-Added a red highlight quest notice after the tutorial explaining the button to return to Euphoria.
-Changed multiple events to be compatible with the new skin changing system.
-[MAC] Links that redirect to patreon and discord are now functional.
-[MAC] MAC builds will now be inside a .dmg file instead of a zip.

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