Rogue Courier 4.01.00 (Public Release) (And some minor announcement)

Rogue Courier 4.01.00 (Public Release) (And some minor announcement)

While I was working on the next version this month, my computer’s motherboard decided to stop working all of sudden. Unfortunately it’s a pretty outdated model, meaning I will have to buy not only a new motherboard, but a new processor and RAM as well. While I have already ordered the new parts, until they arrive and I get it to work might take a few days. I was planning a hotfix to address some issues people have been reporting on the discord server, that will have to wait until all this process is finished.

I’m confident that all of that won’t affect this month’s content, as I have many things ready, and many backups too.

Also, this public version was ready/uploaded beforehand, that way I can release it even without a working PC.

While some people could be concerned, I’m sure it will be sorted out really soon, don’t worry. It’s more just an annoying detour than a serious issue.

Thanks for all of your support and patience.
~Pink Cookie Games

TIP: To trigger the new Toro-Toro quest, finish Shyon’s quest then check your quest log.

Version 4.01.00
-New Side Quest [TORO-TORO]
-1 New sex position with Rama (Blowjob)
-1 New Scene containing 2 positions with a new character (Shizi)
-1 New Scene containing 2 positions with a new character (Marza)
-Included 2 new entries in the Gallery (Shizi and Marza)
-Fixed a bug that caused the quest log to not scroll down properly.
-Fixed a bug that caused Shyon’s quest to not load properly.
-Fixed an issue that caused god mode cheat to not work in the asteroid race with Shyon.
-Fixed an improper call in the gallery’s code that could cause gallery records to not work as intended.
-Greatly reduced the asteroid damage on Shyon’s race to make the race a bit more fair.
-Added back links to discord and patreon on Mac build (MAC)

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