Rogue Courier 4.01.00 (Patron Release)

Rogue Courier 4.01.00 (Patron Release)

Version 4.01.00 Is here!
This is quite a big version, we have 1 new Rama sex position and 2 NEW SCENES with two brand new characters!
Not only that, there is a new quest that leads you to Toro-Toro, a place where you can find even more girls and fetishes in the future.
And With all of that, many bugfixes and quality of life improvements.

TIP: To trigger the new Toro-Toro quest, finish Shyon’s quest then check your quest log.

~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.01.00
-New Side Quest [TORO-TORO]
-1 New sex position with Rama (Blowjob)
-1 New Scene containing 2 positions with a new character (Shizi)
-1 New Scene containing 2 positions with a new character (Marza)
-Included 2 new entries in the Gallery (Shizi and Marza)
-Fixed a bug that caused the quest log to not scroll down properly.
-Fixed a bug that caused Shyon’s quest to not load properly.
-Fixed an issue that caused god mode cheat to not work in the asteroid race with Shyon.
-Fixed an improper call in the gallery’s code that could cause gallery records to not work as intended.
-Greatly reduced the asteroid damage on Shyon’s race to make the race a bit more fair.
-Added back links to discord and patreon on Mac build (MAC)

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