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Rogue Courier 4.00.00 (Public Release)

Public version 4.00.00 is up!
Have a good week fellas!

TIP *IMPORTANT*: If you have a save after the end of EP3 content, to trigger the continuation of the story, just go to Kouia’s Room. After you finish the new content, return to the ship and check the quest window for the new side quest.

~Pink Cookie Games

Version 4.00.00
-New Side Quest
-Brief continuation of the main story.
-Fixed a bug that caused the guide arrow to not point correctly after events of some side quests updated.
-Fixed a bug that caused the guide arrow to disappear in some cases.
-Fixed a bug that caused the guide arrow to keep pointing to places even after you finished the main quest.
-Changed the text box appearance throughout the game
-Changed dialogue on intro sex scenes from speech bubbles to the default game dialog box.

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