Rogue Courier 3.13.01 (Patron Release)

Rogue Courier 3.13.01 (Patron Release)

Me and pinoy have found some bugs and a missing silver patron cumshot on the new Artii scene, so it’s added now. That means if you’re a Silver Patron, some scenes will have a new cumshot button for an extra cumshot animation apart from the regular orgasm one. Some bugfixing follows as well.

~Pink Cookie Games

Version 3.13.01
-Cumshot option for the new Artii Scene (Silver Patron Only)
-Fixed a small graphical glitch on the Sex Scenes UI buttons.
-Fixed a problem that caused Shyon’s new scene climax audio to loop the previous position indefinitely.
-Diminished and rearranged the Sex Scenes UI Buttons to accomodate the new cumshot button.

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