Rogue Courier 3.13.00 (Patron Release)

Rogue Courier 3.13.00 (Patron Release)

Hello all!

The past weeks things have been hard for me. I had some personal issues, and while it delayed some new features on the game system (party system more specifically). Pinoy covered for us and made some new and awesome scenes.
That apart, it seem my life has returned to normality. With that, we are officially developing the Episode 4 of Rogue Courier! HURRAY! While things are already advanced, we have a script and some BGs ready, there is still a lot of work to do, but we’re sure we can make with your support and encouragement.

This version features a new Artii and a new Shyon scene.

Thanks for all of your continuous support,
~Pink Cookie Games

Version 3.13.00
-1 new sex position with Artii.
-1 new sex position with Shyon.
-(WIN) Fullscreen mode could stretch the window killing the aspect ratio when running on ultrawide monitors. Added black bars to fix the issue and keep the correct ratio.
-(MAC) Removed the Patreon and Discord buttons that weren’t working on the macOS build until we find a solution.
-(MAC) Removed the custom game arrow temporarily as it was overlapping the system arrow until we find a solution.
-Changed Graphic runtime to Direct3D 11. While it’s supposed to make things run smoother, it could possibly cause some bugs. We are keeping a close eye on it.

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