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Rogue Courier 3.12.01 (Public Release)

3.12.01 public is good to go!
Also, btw, we will have another High FPS scene this week, so check it out.

~Pink Cookie Games

Version 3.12.01
-Mac version avaiable.
-2 New Euphoria’s Bio-back scenes (one of which is silver exclusive).
-Remake of Artii’s sex scene #2.
-Fixed a bug that was making dialogue boxes not disappear.
-Fixed a bug that made portraits on dialogues appear beneath the window in some cases.
-Replaced audio that was wrong or desynced on Artii scene #2
-Fixed a bug that caused the guide arrow to point to a random place whenever you didn’t had any quest selected
-(MAC) Cursor was not displayed outside of the window on windowed mode, so we reverted it back to the standard cursor.

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  1. MHSHSH March 28, 2020

    We need ROGUE in android

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