Rogue Courier 3.09.00 (Public Release)

Rogue Courier 3.09.00 (Public Release)

Hey all!
Releasing version 3.09.00 for public. Just want to say sorry for the delay on this version since me and pinoy have been working nonstop on the latest updates.
Not to mention, MacOS version is coming soon.
Thanks for all of your support.
~Pink Cookie Games

Version 3.09.00
-New quest! Race Shyon unto the asteroid field!
-Two new sex scenes with new character Shyon.
-Added an intro for the Halina sex scenes.
-Replaced Cynth sex position #4 with a new one
-Fixed a bug that kept resetting gallery (We are still monitoring this issue in case it happens again).
-Fixed an issue that allowed the space shooter mode to end prematurely in some cases.
-Changed Gallery’s UIX with a scrolling for the new Shyon scene (and for other scenes after it).
-Revised the dialogue with Halina.

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