Rogue Courier 3.08.00 (Public Release)

Rogue Courier 3.08.00 (Public Release)

3.08.00 public version is here! Sorry about the little delay!
As mentioned on the patreon post by pinoy earlier today, we won’t be releasing the swf version this time. If you want to read more about this decision, Click Here

Have fun!
~Pink Cookie Games

Version 3.08.00
-Replace Artii sex position #1 with a new one
-New sex position with Lindia (Silver patron only)
-You can try again if you failed the space shooter without having to reload your save file or autosave.
-Fixed a bug that allowed players to access the ship equipment window before the correct time.
-Changed Boro’s quest to a new quest to introduce shop owners.

Links for download:

Public version – DOWNLOAD

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