Rogue Courier 3.07.01

Rogue Courier 3.07.01

Alright guys, we had some game-breaking bugs on the last released version (most due to the new save game system). So this is the bug fixed version. However, I managed to include some minor things me and Pinoy have been working too. The odds on this version is that scenes which haven’t been unlocked need to be unlocked again, so you might need to play the game until a certain point to unlock those scenes. Thinking about that, I might release a full EP3 save file soon to not stress you guys out too much. (sorry about that)
So here it is.
Take care you all! See you soon.

Over and out!
~Pink Cookie Games

Version 3.07.01
-Fixed a bug was causing the game to randomly freezes after opening or closing menus.
-Fixed a bug that caused the game to not save the global save file properly.
-Fixed an issue that was making the last sex scene with Lindia to freeze the game in a black screen loop.
-Revised sex scene #2 with Lindia.
-Revised and expanded text conversation with Cynth Android.
-Revised the text of the first conversation between Halina and Euphoria.

Links for download:

Silver Tier – Here
Bronze Tier – Here
Iron Tier – Here


EXE – Here
SWF – Here

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