Rogue Courier 3.07.00 (Patron Release)

Rogue Courier 3.07.00 (Patron Release)

Good Saturday!
This time I’m presenting version 3.07.00. This version’s update is quite big, as we previously announced, we are keeping up with the quality of life improvements on the game, together with new scenes for the current characters before we proceed with Episode 4.
Now you may have 10 slots for saving the game, stations have proper labels flashing on screen and some minor under the hood improvements. Pinoy updated one of Rama’s scene and we included a new Halina sex position. Also, I want to say I updated the game engine to the latest version, that means we might have some performance improvement on exe. But some bugs may ocurr, please report them if you see any.
Saves now are stored in the same folder as the game is (a /saves folder will be created automatically on demand) only on exe.
Please note for all of this changes to happen I had to change the save structure that means old save files won’t work anymore, but I will provide some save files once we keep going with the story.

Public version will be avaiable next week.

Thanks for all of your support!
~Pink Cookie Games

Version 3.07.00
-One new sex position with Halina.
-Replaced Rama’s first sex position with a new one.
-New save system with 10 slots to save the game.
-Area names now flash on the screen when you enter it.
-Corrected many minor bugs.
-Saves are now stored in the same folder as the game is (only on exe).
-Changed game engine version.

Links for download:
Silver Tier – Here
Bronze Tier – Here
Iron Tier – Here

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