Rogue Courier 3.05.00 (Public release)

Rogue Courier 3.05.00 (Public release)

Hello fellow friends!

Today we are releasing the public version of RC 3.05.00. If you like it, please consider becoming as a patron, so our work can improve and we can do updates with more quality and frequency.
Hope you all enjoy!

~Pink Cookie Games

Version 3.05.00
-One new sex position with Artii.
-Battle system now has Auto-Aim.
-There are multiple NPCs wandering around stations now.
-Corrected a bug on Emoru’s fight that made him disappear sometimes.
-Increased life and attack on drones.
-Reduced the moving speed of Emoru and slightly changed his battle behavior.

Links for download:
EXE – Here
SWF – Here

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