Rogue Courier 3.00.01 and Flash release

Rogue Courier 3.00.01 and Flash release

After some intensive testing and bug fixing, I’ve been able to fix the majority of issues reported on EP3 and also finish the Flash .swf version.

There is an important change I’d like to mention, the first Halina frame was locked as it was patrons-only, but it actually wasn’t. I’m sorry about that, I fixed it already, it should be avaiable for everyone to view.
Also, another bug was the two last scenes no unlocking after triggering them in-game. That was fixed, but I understand some people might not want to go through all the game again to unlock those scenes, so I included a hotfix to unlock those, to do so, you first need to finish EP3, after it, click the “Continue playing” button on the end screen, the scenes should be unlocked by then, if you already saved after the end game, just load your save and the scenes will be unlocked.

I included an HTML file together with the zip files, even though you can still play the game with an swf player of your choice, I strongly recommend playing it on browser with the html file I included to minimize the incidence of problems.

Thanks for all the feedback provided by everyone on the discord channel.

Over and out, Pink Cookie Games.

Version 3.00.01
-Flash(swf) version now avaiable.
-Tweaked the dropping gold by pirates a little bit to not unbalance the beginning of the game.
-Ship now heals before fighting the drako fleet to avoid when players save the game on the Rukkian station and are unable to heal before the battle.
-Fixed a bug on the Emoru fight that caused the game to get unstable/freeze.
-Fixed a bug that was causing the first Halina sex scene to be locked for non-silver patrons.
-Fixed a bug that caused some scenes in the gallery to not be unlocked properly.
-Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze whenever you visualize a poster in exploration mode.

Links for download:
Silver Tier – Here
Bronze Tier – Here
Iron Tier – Here
Free – ExeSwf

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