Rogue Courier 2.06 is out!

Rogue Courier 2.06 is out!

Ladies and gentleman, brace yourselves, Rogue Courier 2.06 is out!

If you’re a patron (and had the payment processed this month already), please search for the appropriate version on the patreon timeline. PATREON
If you’re not a patron, you can play the public version right away by clicking HERE.

As I’m predicting, a lot of people will have a hard time finding the quest, my only tip is:

search the Noralih Station after you’ve learned how to fight.

Thanks for the wait, I hope you all enjoy our good effort put into this.

I’d also like to thank wilsonthegreen and JD for the extended support and testing in the game.


02/24/2018 11:22 PM EST: Version 2.06
-New Quest avaiable!
-Added 2 new posters
-Added 1 new Hentai Scene
-Fixed a bug of inventory not sorting items correctly

~Pink Cookie Games

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