Rogue Courier 2.06.05(HotFix)

Rogue Courier 2.06.05(HotFix)

Hello again! I’m coming this week with some important bug fixes for the latest Rogue Courier release.
Some new updates on Episode 3 coming soon, stay tuned.
Down below the changelog and the links for download.
Thanks for your support!

08/11/2018 1:00 AM EDT: Version 2.06.05
-When you fought Red Beard then Emoru after, Emuru’s name on his life bar wasn’t being updated.
-Was possible to exit Emoru’s first form fight then you could not trigger the fight event again resulting in a softlock.
-Fixed a bug in which if you gained too many levels and defeated Emoru’s second form the game would softlock.
-Picture Gallery wasn’t being unlocked after you visualized the pictures.
-Space Shooter tutorial was being incorrectly shown on every new area in the game.
-After the fight wtih Drako Mech boss in space shooter, the portal was in a hostile tile, it was changed to a neutral tile to avoid issues.
-Some updates with Episode 3 new features were incorrectly rolled out with this update, causing some issues.

Links for download:
Silver Tier – Here
Bronze Tier – Here
Iron Tier – Here
Free – Here

over and out,
Pink Cookie Games

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