Rogue Courier 2.06.04

Rogue Courier 2.06.04

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates, things have been going smooth with RC, but since the majority of new updates were bug fixing in the past weeks, I had no screenshots or whatsoever to showcase here.
Nevertheless, we have a new version this month, with some important bug fixing (some you may not realize, but believe me, they are important), and a new pic made by Pinoy. 😉 (Silver-Tier only)
Usual procedure, i’ve replaced the files with the new version, but this time we are trying a new system in which you can login in our blog with your patreon account, so you can see the links for download and also the password right away, to do so, just click on the link for download below on the post (or on the menu above) and it will have a login button to link your patreon account with the blog.
As for the other updates on Episode 3, I will post it sometime this next week.
Here are the changes on some of the items you will find:

Tip for the new pic: It’s somewhere on the ship, try searching on one of the rooms next to the bridge.

Here’s the changelog for this version:

08/3/2018 11:00 PM EDT: Version 2.06.04
-A New Silver-Tier Poster Added!
-Added a graphic for each item you can collect.
-Fixed a major bug with inventory that was messing up the inventory sorting.
-Fixed a bug when left clicking on a dialogue or shop priority would be higher than clicking on menu buttons

Links for download:
Silver Tier – Here
Bronze Tier – Here
Iron Tier – Here
Free – Here

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