Rogue Courier 2.06.03

Rogue Courier 2.06.03

Episode 3 is on full steam, but until we actually release it I’m making a lot of adjustments in gameplay, balance and also a lot of bug fixing. In this version, we included 2 new pics along with some changes in gameplay, and some heavy bugfixing. We are aiming for the gameplay to be shaped into a smoother experience.
Taking this opportunity, on another subject: Recently, the core engine I use for Rogue Courier went through some big patch, I didn’t had enough time to test the game with these new changes, and that’s the reason this updated engine version won’t be on this, but will on the next patch. It might improve the gameplay speed and better usage of windows resources (in case you have a good video card), so, more things to look forward.

Lastly, some kind of bitter news: I had to break the save files because this game version had major changes on the save file format. That mean your current saved progress can’t be loaded into this version. Keep in mind that I always try to make it so I won’t have to break the player’s progress, but it’s not always possible.

A tip for finding the 2 new pics – Free one: Search on Noralih Station, someone may have forgotten a magazine around. Silver pic being sold in the Noralih’s shop.

Here’s the changelog for this version:

06/25/2018 7:30 PM EDT: Version 2.06.03
-2 New Posters Added!
-Changed Glitch Portal behavior. Now it doesn’t disappear anymore if you enter a battle and it persists on the location you summoned even if you save and load your game.
-Removed hostile screen confirmation for battle, now it just jumps straight into the battle.
-Changed damage math on the space shooter. (Partly for a necessety of the new changes coming on Episode 3)
-Fixed a bug on Tatari channel that didn’t allowed the player to save the game.
-Corrected various issues regarding save files.
-Corrected a gallery bug, that after a sex scene in-game it would incorrectly return to gallery instead of continuing the game.
-Corrected a major bug that could softlock the game when you first meet the minders on Kolon Daral.

Links for download:
Silver Tier – Here
Bronze Tier – Here
Iron Tier – exeswf
Free – exe

Thanks for all of your support!
~Pink Cookie Games

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