Rogue Courier 2.05

Rogue Courier 2.05

Hello again! I’m just here to announce that Rogue Courier 2.05 it’s out. Along with changes, there is the gallery, as seen in the screenshot below.

There are two new posters for silver patrons, and a new free poster.
Battle now has control with aiming and attacking with the mouse button, and arrow controls are avaiable. Some of the most annoying bugs were corrected, and the guidance arrow (a much smoother version of it) is included as well.

I hope you enjoy it!

If you’re not a patreon, you can play the game for free right here.

Me and pinoy are already working hard on new content for the game, so, new stuff is coming soon on minimum early december.

Also, Just a warning for all. Tomorrow is the processing date for Patreon, which means we will send the passwords for Bronze and Silver Tier (around day 3, when processing is over), if you’re not a patreon or want to edit your pledge up, today is the last day, otherwise you will have to wait for a month. =)

~Pink Cookie Games

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