Rogue Courier 3.02.00

Rogue Courier 3.02.00

Hello! I’m proud to present a new version of Rogue Courier. Even though there isn’t any story progression in this update, there is a new scene for the Cynth Android for Silver Patrons only. Also, we revamped the UI for the Gallery, so, inside each scene you can select your preferred sex position (it also works in story mode).

As for the next steps, here’s in what in my TODO list at this moment:
-Overhaul of the Battle System
-Shop UI modifications

Pinoy has been working tirelessly on new scenes and the development of the story for Episode 4, you can wait for news from him very soon.

Also, there was a big new version in the software I use to develop Rogue Courier. It’s supposed to make the game run smoother and faster, less crashes and faster developing cycles. The problem is, I can’t risk putting a new version with that new engine so soon as many new bugs may appear. So I’ll probably wait a bit and make a parallel version so we can try it more safely without risking breaking too much of the game.

Thanks again for all of your support and cooperation.

~Pink Cookie Games

Version 3.02.00
-New sex position with Android Cynth (Silver tier only).
-Changed the UI of the sex scenes, you can now select which scene/position you want.
-Corrected a bug that made game freeze during some screen transitions.

Links for download:
Silver Tier – Here
Bronze Tier – Here
Iron Tier – Here
Free – ExeSwf

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