pinoytoons materials update

pinoytoons materials update

hello , this is pinoytoons bringing an update regarding RC. this month of january has been really crazy . i have to prioritize materials for the game .

this update is composed of the following:

1)improve existing animated hentai scenes for EP2

2)edit new audio

3)finish kouia sprite

this pic here is a preview of what’s coming out of the next EP.

i already had the other scenes preview in my own blog some time ago .

but this one here will be “patron only”. now that i’ve brought it up , I will address the patreon rewards

the build that we will release in public will have less content than the patreon build . this patreon build will have 1 extra sex scene per incident . this applies to all tiers . also we are doing extra content for those who pledge 10 USD and higher.

this is what me and PCG have agreed upon . we might change our minds depending on the situation.

this is an edited audio to be used in the scenes .

normally i will just insert raw recordings in my animations and synch with the action , and it’s good to go . but since it involves buttons , i have to time the audio depending on the loop . it’s fun and dizzying experience doing this and it’s time consuming . i have to play it over and over then do neccessary actions to make it work as intended .

i spent some patreon funds to buy this recording btw. i like it because it’s clean .  more of these will be needed as the project progress. kudos to our patrons who keep this project alive.

I wish slavdol (a VA from NG) is still active but it seems she’s too busy now.I’m still interested working with her

if you know her, please give her a shout out from me hehe

this is a sample sprite will be used for RPG on the next build

[swf src=”″ height=”100″ width=”100″][/swf]

yes, there will be melee combat

it’s suppose to surprise people but it seems showing update is more important hehe .

kouia have 3 skills . you may notice it in the animation

blink-kouia gets teleported instantly for offensive and defensive purposes

akasashic dance-increase attack speed and gains aditional evasion points

metamorposis- (toggled)transforms into sahkara , adding boosted stats .but it has limit use .player needs to turn it off before the time limit or otherwise , kouia lose his mind and sahkara takes over .

additional stuff here


this is for to be for regular patreon content but PCG likes it and wants to use it as loading screen as well . wallpapersize is on my patreon only post

so that will be all for this post

for those interested in Rogue Courier , head over to to support it


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