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Rogue Courier 4.11.00 (Patron Release)

Hex.. I mean, Hetake Mizuko was our winner and today’s Guest Chika. If you like Thicc ladies, this one is made for you. We also unlocked Eupolina scene 5 for non-silver patrons. Also, Some bugfixing and changes not included in last update (since it was Android only) are included in this one. In other news, we are currently working on […]

Rogue Courier Android First Release!

Good news for all! Actually, great news! Starting from today, we feel confident enough to release a beta version for the Android version of Rogue Courier. While this isn’t perfect, it’s stable enough so it can be played without any game-breaking bugs. There are still some usability and possible bugs on some phone models, so we encourage everyone to report […]

Rogue Courier 4.10.01 (Public Release)

Sorry for the delay guys! I had some health issues and was not available for a while. But here it is! Enjoy! ~Pink Cookie Games Dakzky Twitter Pink Cookie Games Twitter Version 4.10.01 NEW FEATURES -New Toro-Toro guest Chika, Karina Starkfeldt with 3 scenes plus intro for Silver Patrons and above. BUG FIXING -Fixed a bug in Toro-Toro’s Ticket Shop […]

Rogue Courier 4.10.01 (Patron Release)

Hello all! This is the next Rogue Courier version with your voted-favorite guest Chika. This one is hot I must say, kudos to Dakzky for his amazing art as always. In this version, I included some changes in gameplay to precede the so-waited Android build, together with some bug fixing that people reported on our Discord server. Also, we unlocked […]

Rogue Courier 4.09.00 (Patron Release)

Hi Folks! As expected, we are releasing a new Toro-Toro Chick. Even though this is a small update in terms of content, I am full steam through the Android release of RC. In fact, we will start testing in the next few days. After that, we will proceed with story on Episode 4. =) Thanks for all the continuous support, […]

Rogue Courier 4.08.02 (Hotfix)

NOTE: Version has been updated to 4.08.02 due to an unexpected bug found that stopped progress in 4.08.01. We have fixed some problems people have constantly reporting about the game, even a full game freeze some people were having. On other news, Android development is going strong and steady, me and Dakzky have been trying it and soon we might […]

Rogue Courier 4.08.00 (Public Release)

Public version is here! Enjoy! PS. An Android teaser coming soon. =) Can’t wait to show our progress to you guys. ~Pink Cookie Games Dakzky Twitter Pink Cookie Games Twitter Version 4.08.00 NEW FEATURES -New Toro-Toro guest Chika, Morgana Eigenstan with 4 scenes plus intro for Silver Patrons and above. BUG FIXING -Fixed a bug where opening the inventory on […]