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Rogue Courier 4.14.01 (Patron Release)

This has been a handful update. Let’s break this through. First, two of your favorite Toro-Toro Guest Chikas have been added as Bio-packs. Namely, Olivia Varmskede and Morgana Eigenstan. Second, now you can set up shortcuts for items to use them in combat mode. You can do that by entering the inventory and setting up the slot you want (only […]

7 High FPS Scenes (Gold Patrons Only)

Here’s your early Christmas gift! We have uploaded not 1, not 2, but 7 high FPS scenes for you all. This is a big thanks for all the support you are giving us throughout the development of Rogue Courier. For everyone else, we have begun the development of Rogue Courier Episode 4, we are full steam on that. More news […]

Rogue Courier 4.13.00 (Public Release)

Here it is! Enjoy! ~Pink Cookie Games Dakzky Twitter Pink Cookie Games Twitter Version 4.13.00 NEW FEATURES -New Action Encounter System. -New Bio-Pack System with the possibility of dropping two the previous Guest Chikas (Sativa LockHard and San San). BUG FIXING -Fixed a bug in the first cutscene of the game where the top of the bio-Pack Printer was visible […]

Rogue Courier 4.12.00 (Patron Release)

New guest Chika is coming! This one is a treat, I might add. I hope you all enjoy it while we work on new content for Rogue Courier next month. Thanks for all the continuous support, ~Pink Cookie Games Dakzky Twitter Pink Cookie Games Twitter Version 4.12.00 NEW FEATURES -New Toro-Toro guest Chika, Jodi Leichtner with 3 scenes plus intro […]

Rogue Courier 4.11.00 (Patron Release)

Hex.. I mean, Hetake Mizuko was our winner and today’s Guest Chika. If you like Thicc ladies, this one is made for you. We also unlocked Eupolina scene 5 for non-silver patrons. Also, Some bugfixing and changes not included in last update (since it was Android only) are included in this one. In other news, we are currently working on […]