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Action-RPG Battle System

I’ve been playing around this week with the Battle Action-RPG System, Luckly all went well and it’s basically finished at this point. I would say EP 02 is at 95% completio, just missing a few adjusts and bug testing. Thanks for all the patreons for helping us with this project. More exciting news in this weekend or next week. =)~

Main Menu UI update

I will continue to post some news, I have a ton of stuff ready, but by now I will post the new main menu UI update, because I think it looks beautiful. [swf src=”” height=”720″ width=”1280″][/swf] I hope you enjoy the updates, a new version is coming soon, I would say is 90% completed already! So get ready!!

pinoytoons materials update

hello , this is pinoytoons bringing an update regarding RC.┬áthis month of january has been really crazy . i have to prioritize materials for the game . this update is composed of the following: 1)improve existing animated hentai scenes for EP2 2)edit new audio 3)finish kouia sprite this pic here is a preview of what’s coming out of the next […]

New UI Development Progress

Hello! It’s PinkCookieGames! This is my first blog post, and I’m glad to show some of the UI updates I’ve been working on for RC. Progress is going well, I will try to show some of things I’ve been working on and how some of the game mechanics will change. First thing, the corruption bar (Haven’t figured a name for […]