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Hot Fixes Rogue Courier 2.06.01

Hello there! I’ve been working currently with some exciting stuff on RC, more specifically the ship weapon customization for the space shooter. And while I have nothing to graphic show at this moment, I’ve been aware of some major bugs that a lot of people have been reporting, so while they can affect gameplay and can potentially softlock the game, […]

Rogue Courier 2.06 is out!

Ladies and gentleman, brace yourselves, Rogue Courier 2.06 is out! If you’re a patron (and had the payment processed this month already), please search for the appropriate version on the patreon timeline. PATREON If you’re not a patron, you can play the public version right away by clicking HERE. As I’m predicting, a lot of people will have a hard […]

Rogue Courier 2.06 Testing

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since last blog update, but I have great news! Even though I delayed the Rama quest more than I expected, seems like everything’s ready to go. Right now testers are trying it and in the next few days it should be avaiable for patrons and free members as well. It will feature brand […]

January 2018 Progress

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I have posted anything here, how was your holidays? I hope you had a good time. Me and pinoy have been working hard on new content for RC, as for now, we are close to the release of the first side quest of the game, and we have some screenshots to hype you […]

Extra Quest December Progress

Here are some spoilers about the progress on the extra quest. Right down it’s a screenshot right before some H scene =). wink wink. Let your imaginations run wild. Also, here are the sprites of NPCs and enemies that you will find in this quest: Progress is very good. We expect to launch asap, ETA is at beginning of January. […]

EP2 extra quest and EP3 progress

Hello! I wanted to share a little bit of progress on RC. Here’s what we’ve been working on at this moment. This two sprites are some of the mobs you will battle on the extra quest. There will be a very hot sex scene after completing the quest, and it’s silver tier only, as promised. We are expecting to launch […]

Rogue Courier 2.05

Hello again! I’m just here to announce that Rogue Courier 2.05 it’s out. Along with changes, there is the gallery, as seen in the screenshot below. There are two new posters for silver patrons, and a new free poster. Battle now has control with aiming and attacking with the mouse button, and arrow controls are avaiable. Some of the most […]

Thanks, Patrons! RC Latest News

This month was awesome, we had a pledge increase of over 100%. And with that many new patrons we want to give you something extra. We know many new patrons (especially silver ones) had to wait for the whole month to finish to receive their game password (we would give the passwords prior to that, but patreon rules), so, we […]

Guidance Arrow

We have received some feedback by the players, and I believe there is need of a guidance arrow. It will point to the next quest, so you won’t get too lost trying to find the correct way. I will implement it as soon as possible to both public/patreon versions. While this is a small update, there will be some nice […]