New UI Development Progress

New UI Development Progress

Hello! It’s PinkCookieGames!
This is my first blog post, and I’m glad to show some of the UI updates I’ve been working on for RC.
Progress is going well, I will try to show some of things I’ve been working on and how some of the game mechanics will change.

First thing, the corruption bar (Haven’t figured a name for it yet). It will replace the “Turns”. So, it will depict more graphically the struggle of Kouia to contain his Sahkara. You will have to keep the bar most times to the left, and moving too much with the ship will cause the bar to get more to Sahkara’s side.

When Sahkara’s percentage reaches 100% he will take over Kouia, meaning Game Over, but worry not.

Saving the game will be made possible through the in-game menu, so you will be able to save/load at any time during game play. Also, the in-game menu will include a sound menu in which you will be able to mute/unmute sfx and music separately, yeah, that was one of the most requested features.

Overall, this is how the UI in the map section will look like, we have increased the size on basically everything. It’s not actually necessary on the PC screen, but it will make a lot easier for our future transation for a mobile version of Rogue Courier.

By the way, all of this is running on real-time on the game, I’m planning to release a build soon, so Patreons will be able to play and experiment the new changes.

Changing a bit of the subject, me and Pinoy are planning to release some Patreon “rewards” based on the pledge amount (bigger pledges, more exclusive in-game content). As I’m not in position to reveal this at the moment, we will post some updates on it soon.

Please, leave a comment with your thoughts/suggestions.
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