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  1. Pinoy Toons January 17, 2017

    awesome stuff man . this build is looking good . well done

  2. PZK January 17, 2017

    Nice, looking forward to all the updates

  3. Wilsonthegreen January 17, 2017

    Good changes with ui stuff and glad ‘turns’ are being explained more.

    If you’re looking for patreon reward suggestions, one I really like is suggesting/voting on new h-scenes. Like one tier reward lets you suggest ideas and a tier reward that’s lower than that is to be able to vote for the idea you like the most from those suggestions. I don’t know if that fits into how rc is going to be made but it’s something that people like to pledge for.

    • Pinoy Toons January 18, 2017

      that would be a good idea for future rewards when characters expanded . we are still in the proccess of introduction so we need to stick to our plan

  4. Wilsonthegreen February 6, 2017

    What kind of content are you thinking for the $10 patrons? Is it like the non rc stuff you’ve been making? Or something else?

    • pinkcookiegames February 6, 2017

      It is extra in-game content, there will be extra sex scenes for $10 patreons, and other things, such as game walkthrough, access to cheats, etc. We will be announcing everything at the approriate time.

  5. 1234 February 8, 2017

    Space shooter boss too hard

  6. yoshi April 3, 2017

    bruh, the boss space battle is agonizing. why would you make a fuck game have such an annoying and hard mini game?

  7. Alex November 8, 2017

    Seem like there a slight bug regarding healing the ship. Used those ship hp healing thingy (+50HP) but it restored about 200 HP per shot. then when i moved from a glitch to another map (return to lidia station) it like i never used any heal.

    • pinkcookiegames November 10, 2017

      People have been reporting that bug. I’m already giving a look at it

  8. 616 November 8, 2017

    Looks like it could be interesting. Now if only I could find some sort of button or link to start it…

  9. zeus November 26, 2017

    Where’s this emoru guy? He’s not at the space station

  10. yyyyy January 14, 2018

    o my

  11. pinoytoons January 19, 2018

    or next month hehe

  12. Anonymous March 14, 2018


  13. Windstar March 18, 2018

    The Windows executable version seems to be bugged. The first space shooter lasers stop working, and it eventually freezes up.

  14. :( April 16, 2018

    Bug’s still there where the gallery doesnt show anything after you unlock the scenes and exit the game.

  15. Fidel Moreno May 15, 2018

    Hey, I downloaded the winzip thing and downloaded the silver tier, because im a silver member on your patreon and yet it says the file is corrupt and no matter how many times i re download and try again with this stupid winzip that i paid for it says it can only download some but not all. how do i fix?????

  16. katy June 25, 2018

    can i ask question ?
    where can i find my save file

  17. Dimitar June 27, 2018

    am i too retarded to find the quest with Rama

    • pinkcookiegames July 1, 2018

      Search for Rama on Noralih Station atfer you finished with combat training.

  18. Anonymous September 30, 2018


  19. JosephHug April 8, 2019

    zori this site

  20. War June 20, 2019

    Hi give me plz all gallery

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