Hot Fixes Rogue Courier 2.06.01

Hot Fixes Rogue Courier 2.06.01

Hello there! I’ve been working currently with some exciting stuff on RC, more specifically the ship weapon customization for the space shooter. And while I have nothing to graphic show at this moment, I’ve been aware of some major bugs that a lot of people have been reporting, so while they can affect gameplay and can potentially softlock the game, I’ve been compelled to fix them as soon as possible.
All the files for download have been updated already, so you just need to re-download the game client (save files are still compatible). However, if you had the bug of the gallery being locked after playing some scenes, you would have to restart the game to collect gallery again, there’s nothing I could do because the old save file is broken, sorry about that =(, if you’re silver or bronze tier, just use the cheat to unlock gallery and everything should be good.

I want to apologize for the lack of updates lately, while it seems there’s nothing new to show, development is actually at full speed. I want to commit and make more frequent updates on the blog, so all of you can follow the development on every step.

Thanks for all of your support.
Changelog here.

~Pink Cookie Games

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