High FPS Scenes(Gold Patrons) and macOS news

High FPS Scenes(Gold Patrons) and macOS news

Since the beginning of Rogue Courier, we were thinking of ways of making the game more enjoyable and smoother for players. In one of these talks that Pinoy and I had, we considered bringing higher FPS animations on the XXX scenes on the game. However, we scrapped the idea, as it would be more time consuming for Pinoy and it would bring the build to become heavier and loadings would take more time (especially in swf).
But, as a thank you for all of your generous contributions, we will release some scenes periodically in Higher FPS for Gold Patrons only.
Not only that, but since we know a lot of people who play Rogue Courier uses MAC instead of PC, we are experimenting on a macOS build =). Unfortunately, at this time, building the whole game in another platform would be risky as many bugs could appear, so we will start doing it slowly and testing as much as we can, so these High FPS scenes will be released for MAC too, hurray!

I hope you enjoy!
-Pink Cookie Games

Access here: Gold Patrons

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