Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Why can’t I access all content for free? Why do I need to become a patron to see the whole game content?
  • A: The game is free in it’s entirety, the extra scenes, cheats and pictures are a bonus as a thank you for people that contributes and helps us produce good quality content. Keep in mind that developing a game takes a lot of time and effort, and we, as everyone else, need to pay rent, buy food and all more. We love what we do and we want to keep continuing making this content for years to come, and that’s only possible through patron support. If you don’t work for free, we neither.

  • Q: This game has bugs! It ruins my experience!! Why?!
  • A: We currently work as a team of 2 people, even though we hire professionals from time to time, me (PCG) and pinoy are the fixed team at this moment. I do take care of all programming and he does all art, until we make our team bigger, bugs will take more time to fix due to the lack of manpower. Please be patient, our Discord server has a channel focused on issue reporting. Let me know the bugs and I can work on fixing then. I can assure I’m trying to do my best at all times.

  • Q: Will there be a mobile port? Android or perhaps IOs?
  • A: For sure! We currently have an active goal on patreon for an Android port of the game, but I’m afraid an IOs port won’t be possible. Apple’s app store doesn’t allow adult content, and the only way to install an app outside it is jailbreaking your iphone, not an option us.

  • Q: I can and want to help with the game development. How do I apply?
  • A: Join our Discord server and send a message to me (Pink Cookie Games) or Pinoytoons, we can discuss details there. Keep in mind that we receive a lot of messages and we do have a lot of work so we can’t possibly answer all of them right away, we are not ignoring you, just be patient and we will message you back in due time.