Episode 3 News and More

Episode 3 News and More

   Hello! Pink Cookie Games here. It’s been a long time, way too much time.
   I’m writing this not only to showcase our current news on RC, I also want to open myself and be transparent about everything that has been happening to me during this past few months.

   First of all, I want to say sorry to all of you for the long absence in the blog (Even tough I’ve been lurking on the Discord server), and second, I want to go ahead and give some news and the current state of Episode 3.
   The past few months, and specially past few weeks have been hard for me, even though I was trying to focus on the game, a lot of things disrupted my work. Some of it were personal reasons, a lot of stress in my personal life have culminated in a somewhat annoying condition that makes working on RC a lot harder.
   I want to go ahead and clarify that I don’t have any deathly disease or something similar, but it’s the sort of stuff that bugs me and makes concentrating in any intellectual work harder.
   But, I don’t wanna drag this for too long as I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses since I’ve been able to work and cover a lot of ground lately.
   Episode 3 is progressing in a good pace and I feel I could release an alpha build very soon for patrons, perhaps in this or next week (I’m bad with ETAs, sorry). But I want to make it perfect before all of you can play it and enjoy it, damn, I know how much you all have been waiting, you have all the right to be pissed =).

   There are good news though, me and Pinoy have been planning the next steps after Episode 3, and instead of releasing and working on top of an Episode 4 right after it, we will go ahead and try to expand the universe of the current episodes, making the game less linear and more sandbox-ish, aka extra quests and many, many sex scenes (That’s why you’re here right? *wink* *wink*). Also, we will polish the game as a whole and make it less buggy and more fun.
   Our estimate after Episode 3 is to release at least an extra quest each month, it’s totally possible as Pinoy is currently working with another animator.
   The idea of making whole Episodes full of complex coding and many sex scenes doesn’t seem to be working very well, I think the plan of making updates more fragmented might be better and will prevent of keeping patrons orphan of updates for such a long time.

   To finish, I can’t express how much thankful I am of how understanding and supportive our community has been during this time. Thanks for everything, really.

   Also, enjoy the preview pics of Episode 3.

Over and out,
~Pink Cookie Games


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