Rogue Courier 3.00.01 and Flash release

After some intensive testing and bug fixing, I’ve been able to fix the majority of issues reported on EP3 and also finish the Flash .swf version. There is an important change I’d like to mention, the first Halina frame was locked as it was patrons-only, but it actually wasn’t. I’m sorry about that, I fixed it already, it should be […]

Rogue Courier Episode 3

First, I want to thank all of the patrons for their generous pledges that helped us develop Rogue Courier to this point. Second, I want to say that this was the most complex build we did, and whew, we worked day and night to deliver the best experience for all of you. We are doing something different with the build […]

Episode 3 News and More

   Hello! Pink Cookie Games here. It’s been a long time, way too much time.    I’m writing this not only to showcase our current news on RC, I also want to open myself and be transparent about everything that has been happening to me during this past few months.    First of all, I want to say sorry to […]

Rogue Courier 2.06.05(HotFix)

Hello again! I’m coming this week with some important bug fixes for the latest Rogue Courier release. Some new updates on Episode 3 coming soon, stay tuned. Down below the changelog and the links for download. Thanks for your support! 08/11/2018 1:00 AM EDT: Version 2.06.05 BUG FIXES -When you fought Red Beard then Emoru after, Emuru’s name on his […]

Rogue Courier 2.06.04

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates, things have been going smooth with RC, but since the majority of new updates were bug fixing in the past weeks, I had no screenshots or whatsoever to showcase here. Nevertheless, we have a new version this month, with some important bug fixing (some you may not realize, but believe me, they are […]

Rogue Courier 2.06.03

Episode 3 is on full steam, but until we actually release it I’m making a lot of adjustments in gameplay, balance and also a lot of bug fixing. In this version, we included 2 new pics along with some changes in gameplay, and some heavy bugfixing. We are aiming for the gameplay to be shaped into a smoother experience. Taking […]

Upcoming version 2.06.03

Hello ladies and gentleman, Pink Cookie Games around. I’ve been working in the past few weeks on the Ship Equipment Window, I stopped a little bit this week to make room for some changes and a new version to be released tomorrow, perhaps. This version will have 2 new pics (1 Silver, 1 Free), some changed behavior on space shooter/travel […]

New Ship Equipment Window

News, news news Ladies and gentleman. The Ship equipment window is almost done and I’m proud to show the final version of it (or close to it). It will be pretty simple to use (as you see on the picture, it’s pretty intuitive). You will be able to combine different kinds of weapons for different kinds of strategy on the […]

Rogue Courier 2.06.02 is out!

Hello everyone! Pink Cookie Games here! I’ve been working on new stuff for RC (more specifically EP3), and even though most of it’s content not ready yet, I’ll be releasing new versions throughout the weeks. Me and pinoy are preparing extra side quests, scenes and pictures, so you will always have something new and fresh to look at. Right now […]

RC Ep3 Updates

Hello there! It’s news time! Last week have been slowed down because my main HDD failed, I lost some weeks of progress, but not necessarily anything crutial, in the end it was just a little delay. I’ve ordered and my new HDD arrived past friday, and since then I’m rushing to make new updates. For this month, we will update […]