Rogue Courier 4.14.01 (Public Release)

Public release is here! Enjoy! ~Pink Cookie Games Dakzky Twitter Pink Cookie Games Twitter Version 4.14.01 NEW FEATURES -Two new Bio-packs (Olivia Varmskede and Morgana Eigenstan) added to the game. -Item shortcut added at the Action Battle System. BUG FIXING -Fixed a bug in where menu controls were not accessible at Kolon Daral’s Control Room. -Fixed a bug that caused […]

Rogue Courier 4.14.01 (Patron Release)

This has been a handful update. Let’s break this through. First, two of your favorite Toro-Toro Guest Chikas have been added as Bio-packs. Namely, Olivia Varmskede and Morgana Eigenstan. Second, now you can set up shortcuts for items to use them in combat mode. You can do that by entering the inventory and setting up the slot you want (only […]