Rogue Courier 4.09.00 (Patron Release)

Hi Folks! As expected, we are releasing a new Toro-Toro Chick. Even though this is a small update in terms of content, I am full steam through the Android release of RC. In fact, we will start testing in the next few days. After that, we will proceed with story on Episode 4. =) Thanks for all the continuous support, […]

Rogue Courier 4.08.02 (Hotfix)

NOTE: Version has been updated to 4.08.02 due to an unexpected bug found that stopped progress in 4.08.01. We have fixed some problems people have constantly reporting about the game, even a full game freeze some people were having. On other news, Android development is going strong and steady, me and Dakzky have been trying it and soon we might […]